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2021 Patina Scandalous Riesling

95 Points2023 Halliday Wine Companion “Hand picked from an elevated source, circa 880-900m. Unadulterated styling, aside from some skin contact in the press, imparting a skein of white-pepper freshness, offset…

Patina Vineyard

2019 Patina Reserve Chardonnay

95 PointsHalliday Wine Companion “I love the savoury stretch of the chardonnays at this address. The norm of clattering stone fruits, new wood and reductive handling à l’Australienne can be…

A new Era

A new era for Patina

Since inception Patina has gone through a number of phases:  It began with 100 kg of grapes picked from my brother-in-law’s vineyard in 1999 and fermented in the laundry.  Then…

Patina Vineyard

The problem with wet weather

Without rain we wouldn’t have a vineyard, but this stuff also causes us a bit of grief. As a rule rain received in Orange prior to Christmas is beneficial and…

Gerald Naef, winemaker

Oxygen and Wine

There is a bit of a love hate relationship between oxygen and wine. For the most part it is thought that oxygen is a detriment to wine… but this isn’t…

Grapevine compound bud

I borrowed this drawing from Washington State University. You can Click this link if you’d like to learn a bit more about grapevine buds as relates to frost damage. The…

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