Most wines are released very soon after vintage. We have been very conscious of ensuring that we mature these wines so that they get to our customers with the extra layers of maturation and complexity. That’s certainly how I like to enjoy my wine..

Who we are

Nothing can compete with experience and the ageing of vines when it comes to wine quality. It is combination of these that Gerald Naef, winemaker and owner of Patina Wines, takes encouragement from when making his Chardonnay wines.

Patina Winemaker Gerald Naef looking in an oak barrel
Patina Wines vineyard in Autumn

Our Vineyard

Orange is a cool climate viticultural area due to its elevation. To qualify for the Orange Geographical Index (GI) the vineyard must be above 600 metres elevation.

Our Winemaking

The cold climate and intense sunshine produces Cabernet Sauvignon with intense fruit, high natural acidity and good tannin structure. These wines need time. Time to integrate and soften these natural tannins.

Red wine spilling from a stainless steel fermenting tank
By law, we may only supply alcohol to persons aged 18 years or over. We will retain your date of birth for our records.