Patina Winter Wine Club Dozen

The Patina Winter Winemaker’s Dozen

The Patina Winter Winemaker Selected Dozen will be sent out 11th July 2023.

I’ve selected an interesting cross section of my wines, but you can change up your dozen to suit yourself so long as stock is available and you let me know by 8th July 2023.

The club member price for this dozen is $357.24.

If you’d like to receive this dozen and you’re not a club member you can order as a non-member for $476.32 by clicking here

The Patina Winter Dozen includes:

2022 Patina Scandalous Riesling (New Release)
The enticing juicy fruit up front leads to a lemon-lime mid palate and a refreshing grapefruit finish. A very fruity wine with a good balance between up front sweetness and a tangy citrus finish

2020 Patina ‘White Label’ Chardonnay

This is a lighter style than I normally produce as my options were restricted by the rather unexpected season.  It has a good acid balance making it bright and lively with a reasonably long finish.

2022 Patina Chardonnay (New Release)

Very fruity with light floral notes. It displays pineapple, honeydew melon, peaches and cream, complemented by subtle complexity of oak and lees maturation. The palate is light and refreshing with a good acid finish. The fruit, oak, lees and acid are seamlessly woven together making it a delightful wine.

2021 Patina Reserve Chardonnay (New Release)
The complex palate is rich and refreshing expressing enticing fruit integrated with delicate, nutty lees and judicious oak. It is very complex with the back palate lasting forever.

2021 Patina Rosé (New Release)
Fragrant, floral rose petal, strawberry and lemon drops. A lighter style, yet mouth filling, smooth and fruity from front to mid palate culminating in a long refreshing grapefruit finish.

2019 Patina Pinot Noir

The palate is very varietal displaying ripe red cherry up front leading to a savoury, slightly sour cherry finish with mouth-watering acidity and fine tannins.

1320 REDemption Patina ‘White Label’ Merlot Cabernet:

Composed of roughly 20% 2020 and 80% 2013 grapes, the tale begins.  In the year 2013 I errantly made the choice to mature the red vintage longer than normal in oak.  The resultant wine had extracted too much oak tannin and was a little oxidized.  Enter 2020 with its bushfires: early analysis firmly suggested I should not pick the 2020 grapes, but smoke taint is a numbers game as is oak tannin.  So, I came up with a plan to blend the 2013 and 2020 together, diluting both the smokiness and tannin.  The timing was all-important as yeast can metabolize oxidative characters.  So, I slowly added the 2013 whilst the 2020 was fermenting and behold REDemption!  Don’t take this wine too seriously, just enjoy it as an interesting tipple and a great conversation starter.

2010 Patina ‘White Label’ Cabernet Merlot

Alluring fruit aromas of black currant, mulberry, and savoury characters of black olives with hints of tar integrate with cedary oak. A lighter style red, the palate starts out fruity and lively, evolving to fine tannins and good acid mid palate with a reasonably long sour cherry and drying tannin finish.

2017 Patina Cabernet Merlot

An inviting ripe fruit palate up-front palate leads to a fruity mid palate with hints of tobacco evolving to a very long back palate with a firm tannin finish.

2015 Patina Cabernet Merlot
 (New Release)
Black currant and cherry aromas complemented by hints of black currant, soy and olives integrated with cedary oak and maturation characters. An enticing ripe fruit up-front palate leads to a fruity mid palate with hints of tobacco evolving to a very long back palate with a firm finish.

2001 Patina ‘Aged Release’ Cabernet Sauvignon
The palate is amazingly fresh and light for this aged wine, starting with inviting ripe fruit leading to good acid and fine tannin mid palate flowing through to a long finish with hints of sour cherry.

Patina Liqueur Tawny
Tantalising aromas of toffee, nuts, chocolate, malt, coffee and dry fruit. Luscious mouth filling nutty toffee with layers of texture and flavour progress to a memorable lingering finish.  A blend of vintages with an average age of 28 years.

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