The Times They Are a-Changin’

The 2024 season has been ideal for Orange.  The rain and sunshine were pretty much custom ordered for growing wine grapes.  One winemaker has quipped, “I’ve waited 27 years for this vintage”.  This gives me rather mixed emotions, wanting to travel more but having sold all my grapes this year.

Anji and I have just returned from cycling five-days on Queensland Rail Trails starting in Kilkivan and ending in Ipswich.  We really enjoy cycle touring and are very envious of people that pack their paniers and head out across Europe.  If all goes well, I may have ten years of this in me before the rocking chair beckons.  So, things are changing as we intend to be away more often as retirement nears.

If wine sales continue at their current rate and I don’t make more wine, I estimate that stocks will be gone in two years so you can plan to enjoy at least four more Wine Club deliveries.
There are many different styles of winemaking and the loyal followers of Patina agree with the style I am making so I feel I am in a good position to recommend other wineries I like after my stocks dwindle.

Now that you know (without sugar coating) what my plans are you may want to stock up on some of your favourite wines, bearing in mind that my wines do age well.  Actually, I am surprised how well they age. I recently included some very old Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé in some Mystery Dozens and have had requests for more.  (Makes me happy as I never expected Sav Blanc or Rosé to age well).

The Cellar Door will be closed August and September as we will be traveling.  We will re-open in October.

The garden looks its best in late October through November and again in the Autumn months.  So, we hope to see you then if not before.

Cheers, Gerald & Angie Naef

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